About Us

Our mission is to provide consistent, exceptional and high-value window cleaning services. We adhere to the highest safety standards and take an environmentally conscious approach. 

Our Story

We are facilities maintenance experts that employ decades of experience to ensure your facility shines!

ecobc is a Canadian-owned condominium and commercial integrated facilities maintenance business serving Toronto and the GTA. We pride ourselves on offering industry leading value, and strive to consistently set the standard for safety, excellence, professionalism and efficiency. Our business model is customer-centric as we believe that our customers deserve to work with a principle driven service-provider who is committed making their spaces look and feel fantastic. We can tackle any challenges of your property with our cutting edge, innovative cleaning methods and variety of access methods that ensure we reach every spot.

We love what we do, and it reflects in our employees. We invest in our employees to ensure that the highest quality of service is provided at each and every one of our sites. We follow strict guidelines under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and are covered by WSIB and a $5 million insurance policy.

Why Choose Ecobc?

2 Million Liability Insurance

Security Checked

Certified in SPRAT

Clean and Professional


ecobc has an environmentally conscious approach with the services we provide and we invest 1% of profits. Read about the initiative below.

Rebuilding Canada’s Nature Network

ecobc is committed to a healthy planet. We are donating 1% of proceeds to supports nature restoration projects across Canada through New AcreTM Project. New AcreTM Project is a unique made-in-Canada program that engages farmers and communities to create cleaner air, cleaner water, wildlife habitat for all Canadians. Working together, we can sustain agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces one acre at a time.
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