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High Rise & Mid Rise Window Cleaning

The glass windows of a building drives the image that is presented to the world. Let eco Building Care enhance those views with spotless windows for residential and commercial buildings so that they can be enjoyed day to day. With over a decade in the industry, we have extensive experience on job sites of all sizes, shapes and complexities. We can tackle the challenges of your property, including difficult to access areas, overhangs, multi-floor loft style balconies, all-glass facades, Juliette windows and angled glass, all while following the highest safety standards. 

We use a variety of access methods to ensure we reach every spot for high rise glass cleaning, including:

Owners and property managers have trusted us with ensuring their windows sparkle for condominiums, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, municipal and government buildings, retail offices, and more!

At ecobc, we understand the importance of washing windows regularly in order to ensure against any calcium build-up and to help avoid costly maintenance and/or glass replacements in the future. You can rely on us to protect your investment all year round.  

Contact us today to discuss the best window cleaning maintenance program for your building needs and budget. Go above and beyond with ecobc!

Post Construction Window Cleaning

During the construction of high rise buildings, windows are sprayed with residue, even in the tidiest construction sites. We partner with condominium developers during late building stages to ensure that the new space is ready for move in. Post construction window cleaning requires more expertise and specialized tools as the risk of scratching the glass is very high, particularly on tempered glass. Our professional staff are carefully trained to ensure that no glass is damaged and use specialized tools such as professional glass scrapers, chemicals and detergents, steel wool, heavy duty removers and acid to break down the residue. 

These tools ensure that we are able to remove all excess construction debris from condominium glass, including:

Chemical Window Cleaning

At times, buildings may have some difficult stains that cannot be removed using standard methods and will require chemical cleaning. This is especially the case when the building is not cleaned regularly and has been neglected. Our team uses a corrosive process that avoids damaging the windows and allows us to renew the appearance by removing the following:

Interior Window Cleaning

Your home and windows deserve a refresh with interior window cleaning. Give us a call and our experienced staff will show up to your door to bring out the highest quality view from your windows. Within less than an hour, an ecobc staff member will turn up the definition of your window views with expert cleaning services. We will make sure that the entire window is washed, including the screens, which collect dirt and dust all year. Our professionals will leave your windows spotless and ensure that your home is sparkling.

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