Our Services

At ecobc, resident comfort and satisfaction are  top priorities. Our professional and courteous maintenance services are delivered by friendly, background-checked, and uniformed staff with years of experience. We understand that ongoing maintenance work can be disruptive, which is why we prioritize executing our services with minimal interference to daily facility life. From start to finish, we ensure every aspect of our work minimizes disruption and maximizes resident comfort.

High Rise & Mid Rise Window Cleaning

Our residential and commercial high-rise window cleaning service is consistently complimented by residents. Service is delivered by coordinated teams of rope access technicians who work with the elements to ensure windows come out looking spotless.

Window cleaning is simple but it is not easy. It takes years of operational experience to understand how to mitigate modern building features and varying weather conditions to produce a streak and spot free building.

Post Construction Window Cleaning

During the construction of high rise buildings, windows are sprayed with residue, even in the tidiest construction sites. We partner with condominium developers during late building stages to ensure that the new space is ready for move in. 

Post construction window cleaning requires more expertise and specialized tools as the risk of scratching the glass is very high, particularly on tempered glass. Our professional staff are carefully trained to ensure that no glass is damaged and use specialized tools such as professional glass scrapers, chemicals and detergents, steel wool, heavy duty removers and acid to break down the residue.

These tools ensure that we are able to remove all excess construction debris from condominium glass, including:

Garage/ Parking Lot Cleaning

Get a clean garage without the hassle. Our team maintains your parking lot or garage area by sweeping and power washing to achieve a deep clean, once or twice a year.

We treat and scrub oil spots with an eco-friendly degreaser. Afterwards we wash the floor with a commercial grade pressure washer in order to remove excess salt, dirt and oil stains.

Catch Basin and Sump Pit Vacuum

Vacuum truck service with a smile. We proudly maintain catch basins and sump pits, leaving them free of fall and winter sludge buildup.

Regular maintenance of pits and basins will prevent flooding and pooling from back up. Annual or bi-annual vacuuming keeps your drains healthy and less prone to flooding.


Complete janitorial services and commercial cleaning ensure effective cleaning for a safer healthier environment. Our cleaners are committed to your complete satisfaction, ensuring that all aspects of your cleaning services meet our high standards. 

Customers receive a high-value and responsive cleaning service, which is customized to their schedule and needs. Our staff is fully trained in safe cleaning methods, health and safety procedures and WHMIS certified.

Exterior Sealing (caulking and glazing)

Our highly trained professionals apply window sealant and caulk with expert precision. If you have expired product on your window, our professionals will do a thorough removal and cleaning of the area before doing a fresh application.

Every customer is guaranteed windows that are left looking clean, aesthetically pleasing, and sealed tightly for optimal insulation and protection.

High-rise And Mid-rise Window Cleaning

At ecobc, we redefine excellence in high-rise window cleaning, ensuring your facilities shine with a streak-free brilliance. As a premier facilities maintenance service, we specialize in meticulous care of commercial, and residential buildings, where every detail matters. Our team, fully trained in-house, not only possesses exceptional skills but also adheres to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Dressed in sleek, coordinated uniforms, our cleaners ensure a seamless and discreet presence. They conscientiously retract all ropes daily to prevent any damage or disturbance to building residents. Moreover, we provide an unparalleled level of transparency and accountability; our team captures daily photos of all completed work, compiling them into detailed logs to keep property management thoroughly informed. Choose ecobc for a spotless view and impeccable service every time.

Facade Pressure Washing

Transform the appearance of your building with ecobc’s professional Facade Pressure Washing services. Our skilled team specializes in removing dirt, grime, and pollutants, restoring your facade’s pristine condition. Using high-pressure washing techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure thorough cleaning without causing damage to your building’s exterior.

Trust ecobc to rejuvenate your property’s facade, enhancing its curb appeal and preserving its structural integrity. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations while providing a safe and efficient cleaning experience.

Garage Maintenance

Your parking garage is more than just a place to park vehicles—it’s a critical asset that requires specialized care to maintain its functionality and visual appeal. From cleaning and sweeping to targeted pressure washing, we specialize in removing oil stains, debris buildup, and other contaminants that can compromise the cleanliness and safety of your garage environment.

At ecobc we deliver comprehensive solutions for your garage maintenance needs, including catch basin cleaning, area drain maintenance, and sump pit cleaning. With our expertise, your parking garage will not only look its best but also function optimally, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your property.

Snow And Ice Management

We take winter weather challenges head-on with our premier snow and ice management services, designed to keep your premises safe and accessible no matter the conditions. Fully insured and committed to excellence, our unlimited service model means we are always ready to act when snow and ice threaten your safety. We strategically limit our territory to guarantee promptness, ensuring that our teams can respond quickly to any snow or ice event. Additionally, we maintain on-site salt bins across all managed properties to ensure that walkways are consistently salted and safe, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls. Trust ecobc to deliver timely, efficient, and reliable snow and ice management, keeping your environment secure and operational even in the harshest winter weather.

Facade Restorations

Restore the magnificence of your building’s exterior with ecobc’s facade restoration services. Over time, the ravages of weather and the elements can diminish the splendor of glass, metal, stone, brick, or concrete surfaces. Thus, finding a trusted partner for restoration is essential.

ecobc stands as your ultimate solution, proficient in the art of restoring, maintaining, and preserving diverse surfaces. From meticulous concrete repair and brick restoration to precise glass replacement and innovative balcony retrofits, our holistic approach ensures no unwelcome surprises in the future. Entrust us to breathe new life into and safeguard the timeless allure of your building’s exterior.

Garage Restorations

Your garage is a cornerstone of your property, a crucial investment that deserves the utmost care and attention. We specialize in revitalizing and safeguarding garages across Toronto. Trusted by the city’s best property managers, we ensure your investment thrives through expert restoration and maintenance.

From garage slurry wall injections to crystalline coatings, membrane repairs, replacement, crack, and concrete repair, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address every aspect of your garage’s restoration needs. Beyond basic upkeep, we infuse innovation into every project, breathing new life into structures that stand the test of time. Because your garage isn’t just a parking space—it’s a valuable asset deserving of preservation and enhancement. Trust ecobc to protect and enhance your investment.

Facade Waterproofing

Our facade sealant services are designed to enhance and protect your building’s exterior envelope, ensuring resilience and longevity. Whether you require a comprehensive exterior re-seal or targeted partial re-seals, our expert team is equipped to address every detail. Our full exterior re-seal services include meticulous re-caulking and glazing that covers expansion joints, windows, and window panes, safeguarding your building against the elements and enhancing its overall structural integrity. For structures that require a targeted approach, our partial re-seals involve re-caulking specific sections, efficiently addressing both adhesive and cohesive failures of existing exterior sealants. By choosing ecobc, you ensure your building not only meets but exceeds the standards of safety and durability, maintaining its pristine condition year after year.

Garage Waterproofing

Your parking garage is more than just a first impression; it’s a cornerstone of your property. Yet, water intrusion can silently erode its appearance and value, leading to concrete deterioration and failure.

At ecobc, we transform potential liabilities into assets. Our Garage Waterproofing services ensure your garage weathers storms without succumbing to unseen damages. Partner with us to safeguard your investment and keep your garage a valuable asset to your property.

Facade Inspections

Keeping the integrity of your building’s exterior in check is crucial, and ecobc’s facade inspection services provide the expertise needed to ensure just that. These inspections are invaluable for property managers and owners, offering early detection of minor issues that could develop into significant problems. Our experienced inspectors conduct thorough evaluations, pinpointing potential vulnerabilities in the facade. This proactive approach allows decision-makers to act swiftly and effectively, maintaining the building’s safety and aesthetic value. With our reliable facade inspections, you gain the insights necessary to safeguard and manage your property with confidence.

Specialty Services

Do you have a maintenance challenge that’s somewhat out of the ordinary? Turn to ecobc’s Specialty Services. From signage, to glass replacement, bird spikes, downspouts, flashing, gutters and much more. 

Your staff might not have the right tools for every task. That’s where our team steps in, armed with the expertise, specialty gear, and safety know-how to conquer any unique building maintenance need. Let us turn your challenges into triumphs, ensuring your building shines without unnecessary risks.